Dual Diagnosis

This is a process group where individuals who have dual diagnoses can share and process experiences related to their unique position of being duel diagnosed while other group members are able to commiserate and offer advice and support each other through their journey.   


This is a 12-week process group in which group members, utilizing the group as a whole, create their own individualized crises plan and crises prevention plan.   

Relapse Prevention

A group for individuals who have been through other groups designed to help the members process what they have learned and prepare for continued success after treatment. 

Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

This is a 6 month skills training group in which members are taught several valuable skills to manage a range of experiences such as:  Interpersonal relationships, recognizing and managing emotions, managing distress, and developing skills utilizing mindfulness.  

Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)

An education group in which members follow a set curriculum of assignments including one on one activities with their individual therapist and group involved activities to be presented to the group.  These tasks and lessons are designed to help model and shape moral development.   

Connections (Shame-Resilience)

This is a 12-week process group in which members engage in a number of activities and projects designed to build resilience and overcome shame. 

Continuing Care Group

This is a process group in which individuals share experiences and troubles with the group and other group members offer advice and share their own experiences to help the individuals overcome trials related to maintaining sobriety.  

12 Step Education Group

 A 4-week educational class about 12 step programs, how and why they work, and how to get the most out of the twelve steps. 

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)